Anna: Vocabulary exercise: ensure, assure, insure

Vocabulary exercise: ensure, assure, insure

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • ensure
  • ensured
  • assures
  • insurance
  • assured
  • ensuring
  • assure
  1. The charities don't test the products or   that the highest-quality ones get their logos.
  2. By this method, he   that no claim would stand without supporting evidence.
  3. An easy answer, for a politician, is one that   you will never be proved wrong.
  4. That   a reliable flow of profits from movies that cost very little to make.
  5. Nobody will need   companies.
  6. "I do not intend to put our troops in Kosovo to fight a war," Clinton   the public.
  7. Everyone have   that...
  8. Today's development is that the country's spy agency will help   compliance.
  9. Combined   Company still exists and writes   under that name.
  10. "The only way to   victory is for there to be massive intervention.
  11. Some people demand more   than others do because they face more risk.
  12. We can do this, for example, by observing the way people behave in   markets.
  13. But critics can rest   that Pokémon won't last.
  14. Worse yet, large   discounts are illegal in many states.
  15. The address of a life   company in Los Angeles.
  16. Be covered by health   .
  17. He must lead the way in   that it does not grow any larger.
  18. “Of course you didn't,” I   him.
  19. First, I wanted to   you that I never discriminate against straight white men.
  20. Actually, anyone who knows anything about the   business understands the reason for the change.
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