Anna: Vocabulary exercise: around, round

Vocabulary exercise: around, round

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • around
  • round
  1. Come on all you people standing  
  2. There is nobody   I could practise with.
  3. It is critical that he knows that people   the world support this effort.
  4. The surplus seniors   the world.
  5. A family is sitting on the ground at a low table, passing dishes   .
  6. You might turn   to me and say you don't know what I'am on about.
  7. However, it has been   a long time, too.
  8. Fred buy a   of drinks!
  9. When I see you next time   look into my eyes
  10. The Gas Board turned   and said I had to pay for their cock-up.
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