Anna: Vocabulary exercise: job, work

Vocabulary exercise: job, work

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • job
  • work
  • jobs
  • works
  1. The very point of being alpha male is considered evidence, in modern America, of unfitness for the   !
  2. What a piece of   is man!
  3. There are nearly 4 million adults on family welfare and 2 million   in the federal government.
  4. Any mother or father can   and every child can feel secure.
  5. One form can do the   .
  6. Any single period of   is a tour (of duty).
  7. His most important   , The American Dictionary of the English Language, was published in 1812.
  8. I'm personally concerned about   leaving this country.
  9. They have produced a   which I consider a valuable, useful addition to anyone's library.
  10. The   is by no means at an end.
  11. How is that possible and what does it tell us about how language   ?
  12. Obviously, that   only for kids familiar with New York City.
  13. He's been on the   day and night since he got back.
  14. If we   together as one, we must succeed.
  15. But it will definitely do a better   than is being done--or not done--now.
  16. I   here.
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