Anna: Vocabulary exercise: work, job, works, jobs

Vocabulary exercise: work, job, works, jobs

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • work
  • job
  • works
  • jobs
  1. And we're always traveling anyway--it's our   .
  2. He doesn't look for work, having been let go from his last   .
  3. Who hasn't done a good   during the past few years?
  4. What a piece of   is man!
  5.   Generation by Size of Firm in 1989 and 1991
  6. As a reader, not his editor, it was not my   to check them.
  7. (any mother or father can   and every child can feel secure)
  8. Obviously, that   only for kids familiar with New York City.
  9. It is not, however, your   in life to put people in their places.
  10. This book does not   for me.
  11. And we both had state   ."
  12. They then have the difficult   of explaining the results of their researches.
  13. Net   Creation by Firm Size, 1991-1993 (Data in Thousands)
  14. He's been on the   day and night since he got back."
  15. Everybody knows that small business creates all the   .
  16. The average novel of 200,000 words for $25   out at 8,000 words per dollar.
  17. Net   Creation by Firm Size, 1991-1993 (Data in Thousands)
  18. How is that possible and what does it tell us about how language   ?
  19. But this   is probably the best of them all.
  20. I'm happy because I got the   .
  21. I don't think that my relationship hurt the   he was doing.
  22. Let us now turn to the main body of the   .
  23. The Right Tools for the   Answer
  24. .. shall be assessed to   on the public roads.
  25. and decides that it sounds like a   for Bill Clinton.
  26. Air power alone will never get the   done.
  27. I did not covet anyone else's   and did not feel that anyone coveted mine.
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