Raymond: Vocabulary exercise: except, accept

Vocabulary exercise: except, accept

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • except
  • exceptions
  • acceptable
  • accepted
  • accept
  • exception
  1. Here is the method to apply in finding the day of any date of any year   leap years.
  2. A dictionary is a reference book, not a text, and, with few   , its purpose is to provide a reliable source of information about the words and phrases one looks up.
  3. In English this difference is not found,   possibly in medical contexts.
  4. Is that   ?
  5. If not, then the essay is clearly bigoted, and should not be   for publication at all.
  6. Have you never told your middle name to anyone (except the teachers at school)?
  7. Capital letters are generally used here,   for verbs which have become fairly common.
  8. Yes, if we   a definition that includes the initial letters.
  9. There is one significant   to this rule.
  10. At about the same time that Aveline/Evelyn crossed the Channel, it became   to christen children Mary.
  11. They'll   your gift all right, but they won't credit your personal account.
  12. How much more interest must you offer an investor to get him to   a 1 percent risk of a $100,000 financial loss?
  13. In endangerment cases, at least, the study seems to   this explanation.
  14. English has rules-- some fairly regular rules--but too many   .
  15. One may   that sort of statement at face value.
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