Raymond: Vocabulary exercise: weather, whether

Vocabulary exercise: weather, whether

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • weather
  • whether
  1. According to USA Today , most of the country will experience cloudy but good   Tuesday.
  2. California : Clear   throughout the state keeps turnout high and aids Democratic Sen.
  3. The   Channel site, for instance, draws more traffic than cbs.com and abc.com combined.
  4. But I really don't know   it has risen that much.
  5. I am trying to find out   they can say eyelid itself, sans upper or lower.
  6. A storm system is now domineering the   .
  7. In England we talk about the   .
  8. It depends on   you are in Canada or Britain.
  9. The National   Service will evaluate the system in spring.
  10. I often question   I am a writer.
  11.   this is also true of other countries I cannot say.
  12. Perhaps every era gets the   it deserves.
  13. Tim is not sure   he should take his own clothes off.
  14. I don't know   my pet theory would survive that test.
  15. Who cares   the judges are honest?
  16. The summer   that has lasted beyond its normal term.
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