Raymond: Vocabulary exercise, confused pairs: access, excess

Vocabulary exercise, confused pairs: access, excess

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • access
  • accessibility
  • excessive
  • excess
  • accessible
  1. It'll give poor kids   to technology.
  2. I did not have   to any privileged information either.
  3. They have   to identical technologies.
  4.   to the president should be for all.
  5. I especially appreciate Professor Landsburg's   .
  6. He'll also give you free Internet   and a free maintenance contract.
  7. The second problem was   to capital and to store shelves.
  8. But   trade surpluses can go on forever.
  9. An overall   of production capacity (compared to what?)
  10. Meanwhile, his company's "burn rate," the amount it spends in   of income, soars.
  11. If not, stadium seating will always be   to the average fan.
  12. That being so,   saving is a danger, just as Keynes warned.
  13. This is typically characterized as a national decline in physical fitness, attributable to   TV-watching.
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