Raymond: Vocabulary exercise: lie, lay

Vocabulary exercise: lie, lay

Fill in the gaps with the words from the left column

  • lies
  • lie
  • lied
  • lay
  1. The answer to why he worked so hard   in his private life.
  2. The problem   in the fact that people lack a sense of history.
  3. I mumbled a   about how I was not angry with him personally.
  4. Asking why public figures   is like asking why fish swim.
  5. He isn't sorry and doesn't think he   .
  6. If she did in fact   , what made her do it?
  7. I never told anyone to   about it.
  8. Yet, further military action   four years away.
  9. At the end of the day, its best days   ahead.
  10. Its mission that day   largely outside the towers themselves.
  11. Each investment scheme began with a   .
  12. Prudie is going to   it on the line.
  13. We don't   to kids about alcohol.
  14. In a recent column, he asked for advice about a friend who   .
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